William Reed, organisers of The Restaurant Show, are committed to significantly reducing its carbon footprint – thereby supporting UK Government’s Net Zero 2050 strategy. Like many companies, we are approaching this challenge through several different work streams. We are working with expert consultants – Goodbusiness – and have built a sustainability strategy and measured our carbon footprint adopting the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.

As a media business our sustainability strategy includes three main pillars: Planet (emissions, resource use and waste), Influence (engaging with these issues through our market leading content) and Company (as we interact with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders). We have joined with our peers on the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) in their “PPA Action Net Zero Pathway” initiative.

The next steps, again working with Goodbusiness, are to model our future emissions, to set targets and to agree on the required actions.


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Recycling/Reducing Waste

Recycling is at the forefront of William Reed's efforts to promote a more sustainable future. We strongly encourage our exhibitors and visitors to recycle wherever possible

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Exhibition carpet is used from 100% Polypropylene fibres and is recycled after it has been used

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Carbon Footprint

CEVA Showfreight provides exhibitors with a range of options to reduce emissions. Find out more here

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The NEC Group are committed to reducing their impact on the environment, supporting their people and giving back to local communities. To find out more on what they are doing, click here

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Showlite supplies LED as standard across all shows, innovating the LED technology to allow better quality lighting with less power consumption

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By eliminating plastic badge holders, we are contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and promoting a more sustainable approach to event management


On-site materials

All pvc shell scheme sheets are recycled and all pallet wrap packaging used is made of 30% recycled content and is 100% recyclable. Our show signage within the halls is completely PVC free and is 100% recyclable


Reduced paper

We are using the Sitka App where you can access your digital interactive floorplan rather than a printed show guide


Food Waste

The UK Food & Drink Shows will partner with a food distribution charity, to donate any surplus food to those in need, rather than throwing away good food