Bocuse d’Or – About Bocuse d’Or at The Restaurant Show 

New for 2019: The selection event for Bocuse d’Or will take place for the first time at The Restaurant Show, Olympia, London on Monday 30th September.

The aim is to select a candidate to represent the UK in Estonia at the Bocuse d’Or Europe in June 2020. This serves as a qualifying event for the Bocuse d’Or world final which takes place in Lyon in January 2021.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to complete funded stages in high profile British and European establishments deemed suitable by the committee to prepare the candidate for the Bocuse d’Or. He or she will also receive assistance and mentoring from a team of advisors and previous candidates.

The selection test will require candidates to cook and present a vegetable terrine and a poultry dish – 6 portions of each.

The vegetable terrine must be served plated and be suitable for a vegetarian diet. 

The poultry dish will be served on a silver platter with sauces served in sauce boats/jugs.  Candidates will be provided with a platter but must provide their own sauce boats/jugs and 6 plates for judges’ tasting. 

Candidates will be given 1 hour to unload and set up their station in readiness for the test.

The vegetable terrine, to be served warm or cold, 3 hours and 5 minutes from the start of the competition. (a window of five minutes is allowed).

The poultry dish to be served after 3 hours and 45 minutes from the start of the competition. (a window of five minutes is allowed).

Penalty points will be incurred if candidates run over either of the 5-minute windows.

Presentations will be staggered.

Visitors to The Restaurant Show will be able to watch and adsorb all the excitement at The Competition Theatre set at the heart of the show.