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Discover hundreds of wines and sakes that have never been seen in the UK before.

The IWC Discovery Tasting is your opportunity to taste from hundreds of wines and sake not currently available in the UK, all looking for on-trade representation. You can directly compare over 250 wines from 26 countries and over 450 sake – many of them IWC medal winners.

It’s a ‘free pour table’ so you can take your time and if you want more details on any wine or sake, the IWC will send you complete contact information.

We will be displaying interesting and unique wines and sake from up-and-coming producers that will add exclusivity and diversity to your offering.  This is your chance to discover the undiscovered and become a leader in stocking extraordinary wines and sake, attracting new customers looking for something different.

All wines and sake featured have been entered into the International Wine Challenge 2018 – the producers believe these wines and sake are world-class.

On October 1 there will be a special emphasis on sake as it’s World Sake Day.

If you want to see in advance what will be there just go here: Click ‘Discovery Wine’ or ‘Discovery Sake’, ‘On Trade’ box and any country/grape/style you wish to view, and the wines and sake available to taste will be there.

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