Nobody likes change, but some change is relatively painless and can bring surprising rewards. We asked The Restaurant Show exhibitors what one thing they would change in the industry and why? Could their brave suggestions inspire you to take the plunge?

Do away with Plastic Bottles

“The one thing we would change about the restaurant industry is the provision of table water to move away from single-use plastic bottles, and embrace change to sustainable and environmentally friendly filtered water solutions that can be signature branded to a restaurant’s own personality. Over 35 million bottles of water are consumed in the UK each and every day – and it is estimated that around 30% of these are in our restaurants served as table water. Much of this virgin plastic ends up in landfill, or in our oceans damaging marine life and polluting our environment, plus it is estimated that it takes 7 litres of water and 162g of oil to produce a single 1-litre disposable bottle of water (along with associated water miles and carbon emissions in doing so). 

With technological advancement from brands such as Eau De Vie – filtered water is fresh, pure, and (unlike tap water), removes all impurities to leave a delicious tasting water that can be served front of house or used in cooking to enhance flavours. Water can be delivered in chilled still and sparkling formats – even boiling water from a single dispense tap. There is no loss of potential profit or quality and indeed in some cases it can bring commercial gain as well as save on storage space and waste.”

EAUdeVIE by Classeq
Stand UP67

Cleaner, Greener Chafing Fuels

“Some elements of the industry need to embrace change. Take chafing fuels for instance; many operations use chemical gels and wicks because that’s the known thing to do. With a little research, culinary operations can find alternatives that would enhance their services including eco-burner which is not only safer, cleaner and greener, it’s more cost effective too.” 

Stand UG50

Dedication to Desserts

“Whether it's a Millennial, a Generation Z or their grandparents, we believe that when someone goes out to eat they want to be coddled, pampered and excited to get an experience they can't get at home, and to be successful in the restaurant industry you need to give the guests something different, something special.

We find in our area of expertise - ice cream and cakes - that there is currently a disconnect between retail and foodservice. If you go to a supermarket there is a tremendous amount of space dedicated to luxury expensive ice creams and in particular to an ever-expanding range of exciting varieties. However, when you go out to eat in the UK the guest is invariably offered a very basic assortment of low to mid-range products at several times the price the guest would pay at home, and the restaurateur then wonders why the desserts don't sell. We think that there is an opportunity to build sales, loyalty and satisfaction going back to basics and offering the guest that special something to finish off the meal that you can't get in Tesco.”

Y3K Foods
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A Soft Drinks Revolution
“The restaurant industry provides an array of foods that give amazing sensory experiences, which can be paired with alcoholic drinks to complement flavours. But what if you are not drinking? Recent figures are seeing a rise in those who are tee-total as well as those actively choosing to dodge alcohol. A sweet, sugary soft drink or soda water just does not cut it. That's why Real Kombucha, a fermented tea drink full of flavour, wants the industry to discover a new way of drinking - a future industry where not drinking alcohol does not have to be dull and unhealthy.”

The Real Brewing Company
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