If there’s one thing that unites the hospitality industry, it must be love. Despite the long, late hours, the hard work and sharp competition, there is one common theme: passion. We asked exhibitors at The Restaurant Show to share the love and tell us where their soft spot lies. Their answers will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  1. It’s Getting Better and Better

“I love the hospitality industry because it’s so dynamic, it’s constantly evolving and changing to meet customer needs and demands. It’s a fast-paced industry that has really upped its game over the last few years. Customer service has improved, hotels are more welcoming, there are more restaurants that are child-/family-friendly.”

Rob Blunderfield, marketing manager at Parsley in Time
Stand GG10

  1. It’s Unique

“The hospitality and leisure sector is like no other – abundant with big personalities and huge opportunities for success. We love working with hospitality operators. It is one of our nation’s great industries that we can be very proud of. Every single visitor to the UK experiences the hospitality sector which makes it our national shop window. 2018 will be another boom year full of new cuisines, exciting innovation and ambitious expansion that we look forward to supporting.”

First Merchant Hospitality Finance
Stand GM41

  1. Passion and Enthusiasm

“The current variety in the UK hospitality industry is so wide and diverse, creating an exciting and ever-changing market. Very few other industries are as enthusiastic about what they do and as strongly committed to listening to the needs of the consumer. The people we meet are so passionate, it makes working in this industry much more pleasurable.”

Mason Yorkshire Gin
Stand UG60

  1. Rising to the Challenges 

“It’s fascinating to watch our industry respond to market forces. With the devaluation of the pound sterling, tourism has become even bigger business in the UK, which has meant hospitality businesses have had to really step up a gear to cater for the needs of tourists.”

Rob Blunderfield, marketing manager at Parsley in Time
Stand GG10

  1. The People

“I think most people who work in this industry would say the same: the people. The hospitality industry is bursting with talented and engaging individuals who make it an absolutely fantastic place to work. From chefs to KPs, front of house staff to suppliers everyone has a role to play, creating a community of individuals who help the industry to thrive.”

Nigel Crane, Managing Director of Essential Cuisine
Stand GC10