We’re going to unlock the secrets of Japanese sake in an interactive masterclass with Oliver Hilton-Johnson

At The Restaurant Show on Tuesday, 4th October you will be able to step into the world of premium sake as Oliver Hilton-Johnson takes you on a curated tour taking in the drink’s distinctive regions, production and terminology. Take a sip during this tasting session and experience for yourself sake’s unique power to delight, amaze and enthral your customers.


During the session Oliver will be covering the following key topics:-
• History
• Culture
• Variety
• Types of sake with pairing
• How to bluff your way through sake

He’ll also be answering some frequently asked questions about this topic including:
• What is sake?
• The different classifications of sake
• Why do you polish the rice you make sake from?
• Which sakes can you drink warm and which cold?

We’re also really looking forward to Oliver sharing his top sake facts and revealing his ultimate top tip. More will be revealed at 4pm on Tuesday 4th October. Head over to the Liquid Hub to get involved.

To get your mouth-watering for this session take a look at this video which Oliver always uses in his lectures when he’s talking about temperature

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