60 seconds with Francesco Mazzei

Francesco Mazzei will be joining us at The Restaurant Show on Wednesday, 5th October at 2.30pm. In his session Francesco will explore modern Italian cooking. From picking up a passion for cooking from his family in Calabria, to creating a destination restaurant in Mayfair as Chef Patron of Sartoria, Italy has always been at the heart of Francesco Mazzei’s creative cuisine. See him prepare a selection of signature dishes on-stage and discuss his fascinating professional journey from Italy to London.

Despite his busy schedule we managed to grab a minute with Francesco to find out more.


Tell us a little more about the signature dish you will be cooking at the show.

Bread from my hometown, Cerchiara, is regarded as one of the best in Italy. Bread has always played a pivotal role in Italian cooking because, during lean times, breadcrumbs were a canny way of adding flavour to a dish when there wasn't much to eat. 'Strascinato' is the word used for the breadcrumbs used in this dish. It literally means 'dragged' because the breadcrumbs are dragged through paprika and oil. Dried out in the oven until crisp and crunchy they provide a delicious contrast to the softness of the fish and gnocchi.


What is about that dish that makes you love to cook it so much.

It's from my very first cookbook Mezzogiorno, inspired by Southern Italian cuisine, whose first anniversary is at the beginning of next month.


What makes events like The Restaurant Show so important for the industry?

It's a moment where the industry celebrates its achievements and successes and great talent comes together under one roof.
It's always so interesting to attend and get up to speed with the latest news and trends in the UK (not to mention, catch up with old friends who are chefs and restaurateurs!).


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