60 seconds with The Restaurant Show speaker, Ben Tish

We are delighted that chef and director of Salt Yard Group, Ben Tish will be speaking at this year’s The Restaurant Show. If you join this session you will be able to see Ben showcase recipes inspired by his brand new Venetian-style restaurant. Hear about the influences driving his menu and sample delectable dishes like baby squid with gnocchi and calabrese.

Ahead of his sessions we were lucky enough to grab 60 seconds with Ben to find out more about what visitors can expect to see and learn at the show.


What makes The Restaurant Show such a great event?

It’s the premier show of its kind in the UK with top level talks, suppliers, demos and everything else you would want to discover around the restaurant world.


What can visitors expect from your masterclass?

Visitors will enjoy some insight into my new restaurant, Veneta as well as learn more about our success at the Salt Yard Group. I’ll also be reflecting on the industry in general and of course, visitors can expect some good banter as I cook.


Why did you choose Venetian style? What inspired you?

I love Northern Italian food in general and the opulence of the old Venice. We started to create our version of a grand brasserie and, though-keeping it in our own style, we have kept Venice as the real restaurant focus.



What kind of food do you enjoy eating?

I love all sorts of food but I favour spices, especially Indian and North African food.


What else are you looking forward to seeing at The Restaurant Show?

I’m judging the Young National Chef of the Year competition which I love being involved with as it’s great to sample the food of the new chefs coming through. I can’t wait to discover who the new winner will be for 2017.


Come and see Ben live on The Stage at his ‘Cooking master class inspired by the cuisine of Venice’, 3rd October at 14:30.

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