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The Restaurant Show 2019 will include a dedicated Bar & Pub area, in partnership with the Morning Advertiser, that caters to those owning, managing and working in bars and pubs across the UK. From licencees, chefs and managers to owners and buyers, you can expect to meet mainstream and specialist food and drink suppliers through to designers, front of house and tableware, entertainment providers and so much more.

Plus, as a visitor to The Restaurant Show, you’ll gain access to over 450 suppliers across the entire show floor, and a packed live events programme of inspirational workshops, lively debates, one-to-one interviews and compelling live demonstrations.

Don’t miss out, make sure you’re part of THE event at which the industry gathers each year to look forward to new things and celebrate what has been.

“Last year we came, it’s quite good you know as it gives you ideas of new things out, new products. It’s definitely worth taking time out of your business to come. It’s really good!”
Chrissy Pye, Proprietor, Between the Bars

“This is our first time at the show, I'm quite impressed by the size and scale of it. There’s a lot going on and it’s varied as well which is quite a surprise, it’s not just food stalls and it’s not just back of house catering stuff it covers everything.”
Fergus Harding, Assistant Catering Manager, Denbies Wine Estate Ltd

“I like the variety of restaurant, pub, food and drink. I came looking for ideas and am going away with some good ones, especially about the cocktail side of things, and low alcohol drinks.”
Ron Challis, Owner, Waterloo hotel

“We’re just looking around for bar fittings and new wines. Someone from the company comes every year. We come to see what’s new and what might be interesting and it’s free, it’s worth a look to see what’s about! It’s informative, friendly, the exhibitors we’ve seen are keen to please, and it’s big enough”
Chris Tew, Bar Manager, Laurentian Sports Club

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