What our Visitors Say

‘This show is top of its game I genuinely don’t think there is another show that focuses on current restaurant trends, just look at the people that attend and speak and demonstrate here, I think that says it all. I’ve had a walk though and some of the top suppliers are here, it’s the best of the best!’

Ben Tish, former Executive Head Chef, Salt Yard

‘Everything is gathered together in one roof here, it’s worth a day if not 3 days of your life to invest in coming to this show’

Brian Turner CBE, Chef


"Innovation, new ideas, new products, new suppliers, it’s great that it’s all under one roof!"

Chez Gawen, Head of Food Concept Development, Pizza Hut


“It’s fantastic! It’s great to see so many new innovative products and it’s such a great hub. As a restaurateur we don’t get much time to explore all the things out there and to have it all in one place at The Restaurant Show is amazing.”

Andrew Fishwick, Owner, The Truscott Arms

“Pretty eye opening in general! You could walk in here and set up a restaurant, it shows you how inclusive The Restaurant Show is of every detail of the hospitality sector, it has everything you need here!”

Paul Farr, Head of Hospitality, Genting Casinos UK


 “We’re here for The Restaurant Show to see some old friends and the Conscious Hospitality Show we’re here to see some of our suppliers that we already use and to find new ones. We’re also here to see what’s out there and if there’s anything new we can bring to the plate that nobody else is. Just generally keep us updated with what’s going on.”

Dale Robins, Executive Head Chef, Adventure Bar

“A lot of people now are conscious about what they’re eating and what they’re putting in their bodies. To have the Conscious Hospitality Show and to come to that, it’s great, especially with big companies like Premier Inn and Whitbread we want to see how everyone else is doing it and how we do it better.”

Liam Stack & Tommy White, Operations, Premier Inn, Whitbread


 “I’ve come for Conscious Hospitality Show and The Restaurant Show. We wanted to make our business as sustainable as possible; we want to do it from the ground up so we’re incorporating into all aspects of our business as we build it. If you really want to learn about what’s new in the industry and how it’s moving forward, and you want to be at the forefront of that, this is why you come.”

Andrew McLeod, Founder, Emilia’s Artisan Pasta Bar