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Our 2017 live events programme will be live on our website in July. In the meantime why not take a look at our 2016 highlights.... 

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On Monday...

Celebrating your team Masterclass with Ashley Palmer-Watts and Jonny Glass

From front of house staff to head chef, restaurants really catch fire when the whole team works together. Ashley Palmer-Watts, Executive Chef, The Fat Duck Group, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and Jonny Glass, Head Chef, Dinner by Heson Blumenthal, explained the secrets of inspiring staff to delight customers and win awards along the way. 

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Cooking Master class inspired by the cuisine of Venice with Ben Tish

Ben Tish showcased his select recipes inspired by his brand new Venetian-style restaurant. He revealed the influences driving his menu and gave visitors the opportunity to sample delectable dishes like baby squid with gnocchi and calabrese. 

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On Tuesday...

Find your new wine heroes Masterclass with Master of Wine Sarah Abbott

Celebrating lesser-known wine producers can add a real point of difference to your list while delighting diners, boosting revenue and creating return custom. Master of wine Sarah Abbott explained how; from organising events to building the right kind of buzz on social media. 

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Creative cuisine with Nuno Mendes, Executive chef at Chiltern Firehouse and Patrick Powell, Head Chef at Chiltern Firehouse

Lisbon-born Nuno Mendes is wourlkd-renowned as an intensely ingredients-focused chef who serves up food as subversive and imaginative as it is delicious. His headchef, Patrick Powell joined him to make some of their signature dishes whilst speaking about their food inspiration. 

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On Wednesday... 

Connect with your customers Masterclass with Phil Vickery 

Renowned TV chef and foodwrtier Phil Vickery showcased some of his signature dishes while discussing how evolving customer needs are shaping the industry. With the number of 'lifestyle' gluten and dairy-free diners (plus people with medical intolerances and allergies) on the rise, Phil Vickery explored how chefs can offer something that suits every appetite. 

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Gaining and retaining top talent in your business

To secure a bright future the hospitality trade needs to attract and retain new young talent now. This engaging session, a panel of talented youngsters, explained how employers can inspire and motivate them and revealed research on harnessing the industry's next generation. 

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Don't miss this year's line up at The Restaurant Show from 2-4 October.

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